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I do assist Yajamans on performing various Hindu religious poojas, Hawan, Rituals, Yagnya, Goddess Idol/Statue(murti) pratisthapan, Shanthi path, Yantra Puja as per the Hindu granthas and vidhis. I am flexible in customizing services to match your needs as per event location, date, time and I do have my own transportation. I do communicate effectively in English, Sanskrit, Hindi, and Nepali. I do translate/elaborate Sanskrit mantras into English so that Jatak - especially young generation could understand and feel what they are doing.

Ṣoḍaśa Saṃskāra Karṃ

Saṃskāra refers to the diverse rites of passage in Hinduism. Vedic Sages (Rishi’s) developed a ritual system of performing 16 Saṃskāra on an individual’s various stage from their birth to death. Followings are major Saṃskāra Karṃ:

  • Naamkaran: Naming Child
  • Annaprashan: Weaning Ceremony - Giving the child solid food.
  • Chudakarma (Mundan): First time hair cutting.
  • Yagyopaveetam (Upanayanam): Bratbandh - Sacred thread
  • Vivah: Marriage
  • Antyeshti


A ritual wherein an oblation or any religious offering is made into fire based on Sodasha Sanskar and/or Yagnya Bidhi.

  • Shanti Homan
  • Vaastu Homan
  • Nava-Grah Homan
  • Ayushya Homan
  • Ganapati Homan

Ritual Yagya Pujas and Vidhies

Yagya/Yajna is a kind of the sacrificial rituals in which offerings are made to Gods and in a prescribed way by a group of Vedic pandits alongside chanting of Vedic mantras.

  • Shree Satya Narayan Puja & Katha
  • Griha Pravesh Pooja
  • Vaastu Puja & Hawan
  • New-Business Puja
  • New Vehicle Puja
  • Kuber Yantram Puja
  • Naw-Durga Pooja & Chandi Paath
  • Shree Swasthaani Pooja & Katha
  • Shree Haritaalika Pooja & Katha

Rudraabhishekham, Shiva Puja & Vishnu Puja

Rudrābhiṣhekhā and Shivā Pujā is special way to worship Lord Shivā. Based on the prescribed vidhi Ekaadash Rudra or Shadang Rudra ābhiṣhekhā (holy bath) and path can be performed on certained day.

  • Ekaadash Rudra abhishekham & Paath
  • Shadang Rudra abhishekham & Paath
  • Vishnu Shahasrnaam Puja & Paath

Astrology Chart Interpretation

Vedic Astrology most often defined as the Astrological Science entails the planetary position and their movement with respect to 12 zodiac signs that influence the personality traits of human beings.

  • Kundali Analysis and Interpretation
  • Kundali Match for Bride and Groom wedding


Marriage could be a complex if there is not proper match between partners. Consultation available if you wish to analyze anticipated partners wedding chart and lead relationship comfortably to attain balanced and healthy partnership.

  • Hindu Wedding
  • North Indian Wedding
  • Nepalese wedding

What's Our Clients Say

Yub R. Paudyal

I had an opportunity to invite Pundit Ramhari for Naamakaran of my son. I found him detailed oriented in chanting mantras and following the rituals accurately. He also translated some of the Sanskrit mantras/lines to make us understand the meaning. We are fortunate to have such well educated pundit among us in our community.

Krishna Bhandari

We were profoundly revered having Pandit RamHariji perform Naamakarana rituals of our youngest son in Calgary. We found him very knowledgeable and engaging. Indeed, he does Pooja for its true value but not for business. I will highly recommend Punditji to one and everyone for performing any kind of Hindu rituals.

Gocool Pathak

Recently we got a chance to welcome Pundit Ramhari ji in our home to perform naming ceremony of my nephew. He is a warm and friendly person with a deep love of God. I’m sure he will bring his own special qualities and ideas that we are eager to embrace. Pundit ji incredibly knowledgeable ( both of Sanskrit and Nepali as well as English) and is also great with explaining the Hindu rituals. Pundit Ramhari is very approachable and is amazing for all kinds of Hindu ceremony.

Vidya Sharma

We had invited punditji to perform Satyanarayan and Grah puja. At the end we were satisfied and felt peace at having invited someone who followed the rituals and made us understand what he was doing. He answered our questions and made recommendations accordingly.