Integrity: we provide outstanding Hindu Rituals ceremonies and maintain highest standards of integrity in all our Vedic Karma. Collaboration: we value our Yajamans, work together, and meet their customized needs.


Preserve Hindu Vedic culture amongst Hindu families residing across North America.


Assist Hindu Communities across Canada/US to perform their Rituals in a Vedic way.

About Me

Pundit RamHari Parajuli is a Hindu Priest serving Hindu Communities for performing various Hindu rituals and auspicious ceremonies across the North America. Pandit RamHari Parajuli is a Gurukul trained and experienced Pandit eulogize from a Vedic Brahmin Pujari (priest) dynasty family from Nepal. After finishing primary school at Nepal, Pundit RamHari Parajuli spent seven years for his further gurukul schooling at Madhya Pradesh, India. Later, Pundit Ji refined his Karmkand practice at Nepal alongside finishing his Higher Education in Physics, Mathematics, and Information Science from Tribhuvan University.

Why Choose Us?


Highly Knowledgeable in Vedik Karmkand, Sanskrit Mantra, and ritual practices.


I have practiced Karmkand in various countries: Canada, USA, India, and Nepal since last 15 Years.

Uphold Vedic Scriptures

Abide by vedic scriptures and karmkand practices as per customized need.

Canada, US-wide Service

Able to serve Canada/US territories in accordance to Yajman’s requirements.